GIVING back,
moving forward


Community involvement is as vital to our identity as our ability to design and engineer projects. Since 1954, we at Cupertino Electric have supported the communities where we live and work through volunteer activities and in-kind donations of electrical services. Through our generous matching gift policy, focused donations and food drives, the company contributes thousands of dollars annually to non-profit organizations and people in need. Our employee-based volunteer corps works with qualified 501(c)(3) organizations focused on providing foundational services to meet critical needs, such as food and shelter.

If you are seeking a charitable donation or in-kind support, please complete our online request form here


We were “green” before it was a catch phrase. In addition to building some of the nation’s largest utility-scale solar plants that produce clean energy, we are dedicated to being an environmentally-responsible business. Our environmental management policy is focused around:

  • Complying with applicable environmental and legislative regulations
  • Monitoring and evaluating energy, water and other natural resource consumption
  • Implementing, monitoring and improving practices that prevent pollution and waste
  • Constantly iterating to improve our efforts by reviewing and refining environmental objectives