Vice President of Operations, Modular Data Centers

As vice president of operations for Cupertino Electric's Modular Division, Gaylon Morris is tasked with strengthening and developing business relationships, setting strategic direction and overseeing operations for the company’s modular data center business. With more than 17 years of industry experience working in highly-regulated industries, Gaylon is skilled at identifying and meeting stringent requirements, overseeing complex processes and delivering reliable solutions in technical environments.

Prior to joining Cupertino Electric in 2016, Gaylon oversaw a staff of 400 people as vice president of operations for National Technical Systems, which operates in tightly regulated industries. He has served in high-level operational roles as general manager, laboratory director and vice president of technical development for several international engineering, testing, inspection and certification companies. Gaylon has been a qualified ISO 9000/17025 auditor, is a quality management system expert, and has authored several papers related to manufacturing and testing. He holds a bachelor's degree from the Regents College at the University of the State of New York.  

Training / certifications: 
Telecommunications Certification Body Program Equipment Authorized Reviewer
Certified IPC Trainer for IPC-A-600, PCB Quality & Manufacturing Processes
Qualified ISO 9000/17025 Auditor & Quality Management System Expert
EPC Global Performance Test Center Accreditation Program Technical & Quality Auditor
U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Certified Nuclear Reactor Operator (Top Grad)
Regents College, Univ. of the State of New York, B.S.

Years of Experience

In the Industry: 
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