"CEI's dedication allowed us to deliver a tightly integrated project that met the University's needs and addressed the project's unique budget and location challenges."

Michael E. Toporkoff, Associate Director of Capital Programs
University of California San Francisco

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Markets We Serve

Many markets. Individual attention.

For more than 58 years, we have served a broad range of industries, providing expert service and collaboration on projects of virtually every scope and scale. In spite of this reach, we treat every project as if it is our only one, delivering responsive and hands-on service at every stage.

In each of the markets we serve – working with general contractors and owners alike – we often function as a key hub of information and execution. For owners, we are a comprehensive, knowledgeable and dedicated partner. For contractors, we are the collaborative team player you need to achieve full project success. Whether your project involves new or existing construction, business-critical or business-as-usual execution, or is of large or small scale, Cupertino Electric will assemble the best and most experienced team to meet your needs.

Our Core Markets Include