Project Details

Cambrian Unified School District
School district-wide solar PV project
San Jose, CA
Project Size: 
912 kW
Project Attributes: 
Project Summary: 

The Design/Build solar project with Cambrian School District involved the nearly 1 megawatt (MW) installation of new carport/shade structure systems at the district office and at five schools in the district. The six projects started simultaneously on September 14, 2014 and were fully functional by the end of May 2015, with most work taking place during days off and scheduled school breaks. Each site is equipped with a small kiosk that allows the installation sites to see how much power the solar panels are generating, along with the overall energy savings.

Because there were elementary and middle school children attending school throughout the course of the project, extra safety precautions were necessary. Another obstacle was parents dropping off their children and speeding through the parking lots. Everyone had to be on high-alert at all times. 

During a long weekend in February, PG&E shut down power at the school sites while Cupertino staff connected the gear into the grid. PG&E then installed NEM monitoring systems and completed final inspection before the solar arrays were turned on and begin generating power.

Site-specific details: 

  • Farnham Elementary has one solar array installed near its playground. 
  • The District Office has an array covering its front parking lot.
  • Fammatre Elementary has one array installed at the playground field. 
  • Price Middle has three solar arrays, two in the front parking lots and one at the playground field.
  • Babgy Elementary has a solar array by the back parking and another at the edge of the playground near the field.
  • Sartorette Elementary has one array installed at the back field.

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