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City of Morgan Hill Recreation Center PV
Cupertino Electric solar energy engineering design and construction project for the City of Morgan Hill in California
Morgan Hill, CA
Project Size: 
480.34 kW
Project Attributes: 
Project Summary: 

The Centennial Recreation Center solar project is a 480.34 kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaic (PV) system designed and built by Cupertino Electric's Renewables Division for the city of Morgan Hill in California. The project includes 2,044 canopy and rooftop-mounted solar PV panels with an integrated real-time monitoring system that feeds data to a publicly available website.

By using energy produced by the sun, the city’s environmental footprint has been dramatically reduced and the center will no longer rely on fossil fuels to light, air condition and run the fitness center. The energy harnessed by the solar panels will offset 623 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the lifetime of the system, while providing covered parking for visitors and shade for children playing at the center’s “Kids’ Zone” play area.

By investing in solar energy, the city of Morgan Hill has made resources available that can be used for other important civic functions, as well as providing lasting environmental, educational and economic benefits.

The project’s real-time monitoring system provides educational opportunities for residents who want to learn more about how solar power works and performs minute-to-minute at the city’s website:

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