Aerial view of four-building solar PV project for the City of Pleasanton
Aerial view of rooftop-mount solar system for the City of Pleasanton
Solar PV rooftop installation

Project Details

City of Pleasanton PV
Cupertino Electric solar energy engineering and construction project for the city of Pleasanton, California
Pleasanton, CA
Project Size: 
360 kW
Project Attributes: 

"The City of Plesanton is excited to unveil our largest renewable energy project to date to reduce our collective environmental impact and energy costs. We chose Cupertino Electric not only for its competitive pricing, but also for its history of safety and ability to reliably design and build complex solar PV projects." 

Project Summary: 

In keeping with the county of Alameda’s goal to divert seventy five percent (75%) of landfill waste through recycling, Cupertino Electric designed the solar system that spans four buildings at the city’s corporate yard, features a DC rating of 360 kW and is comprised of 1568 rooftop-mounted 230-Watt modules. The system was installed over a two-month period between November 2009 and January 2010 and represents part of the city’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint and associated energy costs.

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