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Cupertino Electric modular data center and manufacturing data center engineering and construction project in Altoona, Iowa
Altoona, IA
Project Size:
500,000 sq. ft.
Project Attributes:
Award Winning

Project Summary

In late January 2014, Cupertino Electric set the last of 18 Modular Power Center (MPC) electrical rooms that comprise the modular portion of the first phase of a 15 MW data center project in Altoona, Iowa. This fast-track project showcases the speed and efficiency available to data center customers who are open to using a modular approach. In just three months, more than 600 tons of modular electrical room was safely manufactured, delivered, and installed at this particular project site.

This project for a confidential client includes a modular component comprising roughly 20 percent of the 500,000 square-foot project. The remaining 80 percent includes data halls, mechanical power, and all other electrical systems. Utilizing the MPCs allowed the Data Center Division to shift 28,000 man hours from the jobsite to the factory, resulting in significant cost savings and improved safety to the overall project.

Factory Module Fabrication

To fabricate the custom designed and engineered modules, Cupertino Electric's project team created custom structural channels precisely fashioned with 1,000-ton press breaks used by supply chain partners and also in the company’s assembly facility. A factory 10-ton gantry crane was used to mount and anchor entire main switchboard lineups in as little as 20 labor hours. Just one month after receiving a shipment of electrical equipment in early November 2013, the modular team was able to manufacture and ship the first three modules, weighing 34 tons each, which form the basis of the data center. In total, the modular electrical room, or MPCs, manufactured for this project includes 250 tons of fabricated and painted steel with 150 factory-mounted electrical switchboards, automatic transfer switches, and other components, all integrated with 115,000 feet of copper and more than 2,000 factory terminations.