Project Details

Foster City Library and Community Center PV
Canopy-mounted solar photovoltaic system at Foster City Library and Community Center
Foster City, CA
Project Size: 
195.2 kilowatt (kW) DC system
Project Summary: 

Cupertino worked with the Foster City Library and Community Center to install a 195.2 kilowatt (kW) DC system to produce electricity for the municipal site.  Cupertino Electric constructed and installed solar canopies on the roof of the Library and Community Center, as well as carports in the surrounding lots.  The roof includes a total of 84.18 kW installed at two elevations, and the parking lot canopy system size totals 109.8 kW.  Because it is a public building with a lot of foot traffic and visibility, the canopies were designed with an extremely particular aesthetic in mind. 

Construction took three months, beginning in December 2014. Though installation is complete, the solar team is waiting on PG&E to inspect the units and connect to the grid to produce power, since the city had to upgrade their transformer to support the addition of the solar system. The scheduled date that the library system will be connected is currently anticipated to be by the end of April 2015.   

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