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Project Details

PG&E: Northern California Distribution
Yosemite and Sacramento Areas, CA
Project Size: 
4,000 Locations
Project Summary: 

CEI has been working with PG&E since 2014 throughout California's Sacramento and Yosemite regions to update PG&E's grounding system surge arrester equipment to meet new standards in their service territory. More than 20 CEI line crews worked in more than 4,000 locations across the Central Valley and Sacramento from three separate satellite yards to install new grounds in rocky site conditions. All of these locations were field surveyed and USA located with ground work performed and verified within eight weeks.

Cupertino Electric pioneered new ground rod drilling techniques on this project to successfully install rods in tough conditions. Many of the PG&E locations involved inaccessible, mountainous terrain that required specialized equipment and seamless coordination with private landowners and third-party utilities to complete the work. Despite performing work in snowy and rainy conditions, CEI completed this scope without a work procedure error or injury.

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