Project Details

Pharmaceutical Company Quality Control Lab
Berkeley, CA
Project Size: 
80,000 Square Feet
Project Summary: 

This new three-story, 80,000 square-foot building on this pharmaceutical company's Northern California campus is a quality control facility for a new hemophilia drug. The building is equipped with BSL-2-level laboratories, CEI's largest nLight installation to date, robust gas detection systems and much more. 

During the 14-month project, the crew installed two 12 kilovolt (kV) medium voltage services, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), an nLight lighting control system and a SCADA monitoring and control system, along with Fire Alarm, security, motion, DAS/ERRCS systems. The two 12 kV services feeding into the building are backed-up by two generators and UPS systems for redundancy in the event of a power failure at the site. In addition, the team installed 268 pieces of Bayer lab equipment at the site--even those that arrived with German-language only instructions.

Because of the nature of client's pharmaceutical business, there was a single, extremely narrow window of to conduct a shut-down and install major gear while the client suspended its chemical processes. The team worked tirelessly with vendors and suppliers to ensure all gear was on-site and ready to be installed according to schedule. 

The project involved a significant BIM effort, peaked at roughly 30 Local 595 electricians. With the more than 31,000 manhours on the project, the team had a successful safety record. 


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