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Yahoo! Quincy
Cupertino Electric data center design and construction project for Yahoo! in Quincy, Washington
Quincy, WA
Project Size: 
100,000 sq.ft. (60,000 sq.ft. of raised floor)
Project Attributes: 
Project Categories: Design / Build, Western, Data Center
Project Summary: 

In 2008, Cupertino Electric completed work on a 100,000 square-foot data center design and construction project with 60,000 square-feet of raised floor in Quincy, Wash. for General Contractor DPR Construction, Inc./Fortis. Cupertino designed and installed the final expansion phases to an existing system. Critical electrical capacity was added to the facility and the entire system was based on an ISO-parallel bus arrangement utilizing Rotary UPS units.

As part of the installation, Cupertino Electric included re-circuiting existing PDUs under load and installing new main switchboards. In addition, we tied the new rotary-powered UPS systems into the existing system, including the Emergency Power Off (EPO) system, and fire alarm and electrical distribution systems, without interruption of power.

The mission-critical data center at Yahoo! Quincy remained fully operational and active throughout our work at the site to accommodate the tenants occupying the facility. This successful result required considerable planning, coordination and flexibility between the owner, the general contractor and Cupertino Electric.

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