We meet challenges
and deliver SOLUTIONS

We are superheroes
in SAFETY vests

We are TEAM-oriented,
partner-oriented, solution-oriented

We deliver COMPLEX projects, 
fast and without compromise

We build more than projects-- 
we build COMMUNITY 

for excellence every day

SEARCH ALL PROJECTS Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI) is an electrical engineering and construction company that uncovers challenges and delivers the best solutions for commercial, renewable, utility and data center customers experiencing intense change. We build the infrastructure that powers forward-looking companies to realize their vision. 


Cupertino Divisions

We work with customers of all shapes and sizes in a variety of industries to deliver commercial, renewable, utility and data center projects.

About Us

About Cupertino Electric

We are problem-solvers. We are challenge-seekers. We are innovators. We believe in integrity and delivering on our word. We don't just deliver projects, we deliver power and possibilities.


Our creative, driven employees embrace technical challenges and build projects that help customers realize their vision. We believe in hard work, having fun and making a difference.

Quick Facts

Largest electrical contractor in SF & SJ

The Silicon Valley Business Journal and SF Business Times listed CEI as the largest electrical contractor in 2015, based on number of electricians employed.

MW solar installed

In 2016, Solar Power World listed CEI as the largest EPC solar contractor in California, based on 2015 project data.

People employed

With roughly 500 office and 1,500 union field employees building projects across the U.S., CEI's workforce is flexible and robust to meet customer needs.

Years of excellence

Our six decades of solid experience, coupled with our innovative approach, means that customers can count on us today - and well into the future.

Data Centers constructed

For 25 years, we've built cutting-edge data centers for the world's most-visited companies on the web.