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CEI Modular takes an innovative approach to data center strategy and construction, combining the customization of a traditional building approach with the efficiency and quality of a factory-built, modular approach. We are a leader in developing prefabricated modular data centers with comprehensive, tailored, 360-degree data center solutions.

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Meeting Today's Data-Intense Needs

In today’s rapidly moving, data-intense world, cloud-based companies need to expand and build data centers quickly to keep up with demand and stay ahead of competition. Building a data center can be challenging, with unanticipated labor shortages, schedule delays, unpredictable weather and rising material costs. Our proven, factory-built and tested data center infrastructure products bring built-to-order deployments online faster, more reliably and with less risk than alternative methods.

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Why Customers Work with Us

Our modular approach enables us to build and test independent parts of the data center in a controlled environment, greatly reducing the impacts of weather or resource-related delays.

This results in faster delivery times, exceptional quality control, improved efficiency, and an ability to meet your schedule—rain or shine. See how we build here


Electrical Solutions

Mechanical & Cooling Solutions

Data Space Solutions

Electrical Solutions

Electrical power is a key component of data center performance. We have engineered, installed and tested nearly every electrical system configuration possible. In applying this experience to modular products, customers experience value in vetted quality, efficiency and operational ease.

Mechanical & Cooling Solutions

As high-performance computing cooling demands increase and air solutions reach their limit, data center operators are struggling with effective cooling solutions. We solve these challenges and leverage insights to anticipate problems and plan for the entire data center product lifecycle. We vet technology and then design, build, test and deliver the complete, integrated solutions.


Data Space Solutions

We approach data space and white space installations with an eye toward innovation and solving current or future problems. We can fully engineer solutions or work with customer-selected products in both new and live facilities, and we’ll ensure a seamless transition from installation to production environment.

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Modular Services

Design & Development

Product Design & Development

We work hand-in-hand with businesses to design and develop customized data centers that meet their unique demands. We offer our own in-house resources to help manage key tasks, including engineering, labor, schedule and supply chain management.

Manufacturing prefabrication modular data centers


We have a team of manufacturing experts to drive the prefabrication process. This includes schedule development and coordination, labor management, quality control, NETA testing and commissioning, and site coordination. Our prefabricated modules are built by a union labor force in an ISO 9001-certified facility that meets the highest standards for quality and reliability.

Field Services

Field Services

Once the modules are fabricated, our field services team manages delivery logistics and ensures on-site installation is completed by highly skilled union electricians.

A Strong Reputation ofProven Success

Cupertino Electric has 65+ years of engineering and construction experience and nearly three decades of experience delivering mission-critical data centers. In fact, we helped pioneer the data center industry right along with some of our biggest customers.

For more than a decade, the CEI Modular team has been developing products, honing processes, building supply chains, and mastering manufacturing principles to re-imagine how data centers are delivered for customers.

We’ve worked with some of the largest operators—including search engine and social media companies, co-location providers and cloud service hosts. Our proven design and delivery of reliable, cost-effective, energy efficient data centers has kept CEI in constant demand by market-leading companies again and again. 

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We design, integrate, deploy and commission any level of data center project. Whether you need a fully integrated, configured-to-order solution or a singular white space installation, we’ll work with you to deliver to your exact requirements.

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