Project Details

45 Lansing
San Francisco, CA
Project Size: 
420,100 Square Feet
Project Attributes: 
Project Summary: 

The project is located on the very busy intersection of First and Harrison Streets in San Francisco, next to an onramp for the Bay Bridge, and in an area where building was happening on several surrounding blocks at the time of construction. The full scope of the project involved new construction of a high-rise, 40-story residential luxury condominium building of approximately 452,100 square feet. Levels 1-39 include 320 residential units, totaling 265,223 square-feet. The project also included a fitness area, swimming pool, lounge area, media room and 52,800 square-feet of parking on underground levels B1 through B4.

All apartments are equipped with high-end appliances and a full-size washer and dryer. Included in the building for tenant use is an in-house movie theater, an indoor/outdoor pool, a high-end gym, and several conference rooms. Sitting atop Rincon Hill, most apartments have a view of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco Bay Area.
Upon completion, this project received LEED Silver Certification.

The tower at 45 Lansing is the Cupertino Electric’s second project at the Crescent Heights’s building, the first being 10th and Market. Because of the team’s success on the previous project, Cupertino Electric has developed a great business relationship with the owner. 


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