Britannia Cove Oyster Point at night.

Project Details

Britannia Cove at Oyster Point
South San Francisco, CA
Project Size: 
1,025,000 Square Feet
Project Summary: 

This four-phase project is for several buildings at the Britannia Cove at Oyster Point (also known as simply "The Cove" or BCOP) business park just off the 101 Freeway in San Francisco, Calif. The unique phasing in this project has several phases overlapping for a majority of the schedule, to complete the entire campus in 2019. Phase 1 construction includes Buildings 3 and 4, Phase 2 is Buildings 1, 2, and the parking garage, Phase 3 comprises Buildings 6 and 7, and Phase 4 is Building 5. Included throughout the campus are approximately 45 electrical vehicle (EV) chargers, with 29 EV charging stations inside the parking garage.

Because of settlement challenges when building ground-up projects in San Francisco, the team got creative and buried underground conduit Styrofoam boxes to relieve pressure while allowing the soil to compact as it settles. Phase 3 will include a living roof with lounge area and fire pits. Buildings 1 and 2 also have a large “Green Screen” which is a living wall made of grasses and plants. These walls will be visible from the freeway and include LED lights weaved throughout which will allow a rainbow of colors and programs for a cool visual show on the exterior.

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