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Caltech Schlinger Lab
School electrical systems construction project at the Warren and Katherine Schlinger Laboratory at Caltech campus in Pasadena, California
Pasadena, CA
Project Size: 
62,300 sq. ft.
Project Attributes: 
Project Summary: 

In 2008, Cupertino Electric's Southern California Division began work on the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) campus’ Warren and Katherine Schlinger Laboratory. When the new 62,300 square-foot, four-story university building was complete in 2010, it was home to a variety of lab types necessary for chemical synthesis, chemical engineering and biochemistry research. In addition, the building incorporated progressive, “green” construction elements.

Green Elements
The Schlinger Laboratory features energy-conscious equipment and lighting that reduce energy use by twenty-eight percent (28%) and water use by thirty percent (30%). By using locally-derived and recycled building materials, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows to naturally illuminate lab spaces, the Schlinger Laboratory meets the campus’ commitment to sustainability.

Electrical Scope
Cupertino Electric installed wet labs to integrate chemistry, chemical engineering and chemical science with other leading areas of science and engineering research at Caltech. Design decisions throughout construction process were focused on providing a pleasant working environment for current faculty, while advancing the Caltech’s recruiting efforts. In addition to the lab spaces, the new facility boasts social and interactive spaces, conference rooms, offices, and quiet work areas to promote collaboration among the researchers and chemical scientists at Caltech.

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