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Project Details

City of Healdsburg Substation Modernization
Cupertino Electric utility construction project for the city of Healdsburg, California
Healdsburg, CA
Project Size: 
69 kV substation, 50 MVA

"Our successful modernization of the Badger Substation in Healdsburg during the finite period of time, while residents and businesses were without power, is a testimony to our ability to efficiently and safely complete large-scale, technically-challenging high-voltage projects."

John Curcio, Chief Commercial Officer, Cupertino Electric, Inc.
Project Summary: 

Surrounded by several of Northern California’s best regional wineries, the city of Healdsburg is a favorite destination of tourists and home to more than 11,500 full-time residents. When Healdsburg needed to modernize its 69 kV substation, it required an electrical contractor with specific technical expertise in medium voltage utility distribution and substations and a proven track-record of safety.

In addition to ensuring safety at the jobsite, Cupertino Electric's project team had the challenge of installing additional circuit switchers, refurbishing two 25 MVA 69 kV to 12.47 kV transformers and reconfiguring the bus during a limited period of time when the power to the city’s residents and businesses was turned off. Cupertino Electric successfully completed its work without incident, while minimizing the required scheduled outage.

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