City of Long Beach Courthouse
Public works electrical construction project in Long Beach
Long Beach, CA
Project Size:
1.04 million sq. ft.

Project Summary

This new five-story, 545,000 square-foot courthouse building and adjacent 399,000 square-foot parking structure in Long Beach, California is the result of a unique public/private partnership agreement. The courthouse features 31 courtrooms and administration space, along with Los Angeles County lease space and retail leaseable space. Due to the nature of the facility, the building also contains secure inmate transfer facilities and detention facilities below-ground. The project spans two city blocks in downtown Long Beach and replaces the nearby courthouse that is now functionally obsolete.

In addition to providing traditional electrical services on the courthouse and parking structure portions of the project, Cupertino Electric installed the low voltage systems as part of its scope. A complete BMS system and back bone for balance of systems is being installed, including CCTV, paging, card access, fire alarm, MATV and DAS systems.

Unique Contracting Arrangement

The Long Beach courthouse building was the first social infrastructure project in the United States utilizing Performance-Based Infrastructure (PBI) contracting. Under this type of agreement, the Judicial Council of California owns the building, and the Superior Court of Los Angeles County occupies approximately 80% of the space.