City of Palo Alto Infrastructure Upgrades
A utility substation project by Cupertino Electric for the city of Palo Alto, California.
Palo Alto, CA
Project Size:
60 kV
Project Attributes:
"Due to the high voltage nature, we needed a skilled, trusted contractor to complete the overhead line relocation work. Cupertino Electric helped us quickly and safely install new transmission poles to better and more efficiently serve Palo Alto residents without a single injury or loss of power."
- Jim Bujtor, Sr. Electrical Engineer, City of Palo Alto Utilities

Project Summary

As part of the city of Palo Alto’s upgrade to its distribution circuits across the city, Cupertino Electric's (CEI) project team carried out a 60-kV overhead line relocation project near Stanford University. The six-week utility project started at the beginning of 2011 and used a new 3M aluminum cable product that featured a polymer reinforced core designed to dissipate heat better and increase load carrying capabilities. In addition to using the new technology, Cupertino Electric set new transmission poles and strung cable to the existing substation—all while keeping the existing circuits energized. The project was completed without accidents or lost time.