Night time view of illuminated walkway designed and installed by Cupertino Electric
Cylindrical design features unique lighting to add to the visual appeal of the park project

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City of Santa Monica Palisades Garden Walk and Town Square
Cupertino Electric electrical engineering and constriction project at the city of Santa Monica's Palisades Garden Walk and Town Square
Santa Monica, CA
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Large design/build project for the city of Santa Monica’s Palisades Garden Walk and Town Square spanning seven-acres. The massive project site is bordered by Ocean Avenue on the west, city hall on the east, Interstate 10 on the north and Olympic Drive on the south. The nearby Town Square is located on the east side of Main Street and is a one-acre site directly in front of city hall.

The visually-stunning electrical components involved in this project engineered and consructed by Cupertino Electric included the installation of a fully lit pathway extending throughout the park and key vantage points. Deck and handrail lighting completed the visual appeal of the project. In addition to the lighting that accompanies the park’s hardscape and landscape, Cupertino Electric was responsible for the electrical components of the on-site restroom facility and pre-engineered maintenance shed.

Cupertino Electric also installed new 600-amp service through utility Southern California Edison that fed four panel board locations throughout the park, as well as a lighting control system. To ensure that the fixtures and conduit would be installed efficiently and accurately, Cupertino Electric utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies to coordinate the project.

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