Aerial overview of the solar PV system installed on Google's main corporate headquarter campus
Overview of the rooftop solar PV system installation with the iconic Shoreline Amphitheatre tent sails in the background
Rootop solar PV system installed on Google's corporate headquarter campus in Mountain View, CA

Project Details

Google Campus Solar
Cupertino Electric solar energy construction project at Google in Mountain View, California
Mountain View, CA
Project Size: 
1.6 MW
Project Attributes: 
Project Summary: 

In 2007, Google wanted to take advantage of the California sunshine to reduce its carbon footprint, reduce energy costs and lead the industry in incorporating sustainable business practices into everyday operations.

The Cupertino Electric installed 1.6 Megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic system went live in the Googleplex in June of 2007. At the time, the system was the largest solar installation on a single corporate campus in the United States. Annually, the solar system is estimated to save Google approximately $393,000 in energy costs for total projected energy savings in the amount of $15 million over the lifetime of the system.

Real-Time, Online Monitoring System Tracks Energy

In keeping with Google’s information-rich culture, the company has dedicated an online site that tracks the power generated by the company’s solar system.

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