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Juniper Networks
Design/Build commercial office, solar and energy storage project for Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale, California
Sunnyvale, CA
Project Size: 
339 kW (solar), 1 MW (fuel cells)
Project Attributes: 
Award Winning
Project Summary: 

As part of a large construction effort for Juniper Networks, Cupertino Electric embarked on a series of commercial office and solar projects for the company’s Silicon Valley corporate campus. In addition to engineering and building a new, 20,000 square-foot commercial office and lab featuring a direct current plant and installation of four 300 kVA PDUs at Juniper, Cupertino Electric also completed three renewable generation projects for the high-tech giant.

Solar & Energy Storage

In 2012, Cupertino began engineering and constructing a 339 kilowatt (kW) DC solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed on canopies mounted on the fourth floor of a new parking structure at Juniper. Using a unique approach, the solar carports were welded to the garage’s precast concrete structure. A total of 1,330 PV modules were installed at the site. Because of the canopy-based design, the solar energy system provides additional shelter, increases safety with under-side LED lighting, and incorporates Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations for eco-friendly employee vehicles.

As part of the scope of the solar energy project, we served as the engineer of record and worked under an aggressive schedule, installing the system in three months to meet the general contractor’s deadline. In its first year of operation, the Juniper solar energy system is expected to generate 464,104 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy.

Juniper Networks took advantage of California Solar Incentives (CSI) and Business Solar Investment Tax Credits to get the solar project built. The solar system was one of three renewable energy projects at the Juniper site. In addition, in 2015, the company added an energy storage component with three STEM PowerStore towers installed by Cupertino Electric to reduce peak demand charges using a 54 kW 90 kWh Lithium ion battery. 

Cogen and Fuel Cells

Cupertino Electric also installed a cogeneration plant and four Bloom Energy fuel cells totaling 1 megawatt (MW) of power. The fuel cell component of the project involved installing electrical infrastructure to tie the fuel cells back to the power grid by skilled union electricians. The Bloom fuel cell output was 480V, which we stepped up to 12 kV as part of the fuel cell project scope.

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