LAX Roadway Lighting
Airport lighting design and new fixtures project
Los Angeles, CA
Project Attributes:
Award Winning

Project Summary

The second-level roadway lighting project by CEI is visible to all visitors to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Features of the project include color-changing panels, terminal numbers and 78 Y-shaped lighting fixtures. The custom-made art deco LED light poles; sleek, silver canopies in front of terminal façades; and color-changing LED light band running the length of the Central Terminal Area (CTA) and covering a portion of the upper roadway edge create a visually stunning passage for visitors. 

The lighting was designed to enhance the appearance of the LAX central terminal area with the installation of new roadway lights and light bands around the Second Level Roadway. This installation included LED street lighting, sculptural poles, and new canopies adjacent to Terminals 3 and 4. The improvements meet Cal Green Environmental Standards and utilize LED technology, which enhance visibility and safety with a whiter, brighter light that is more energy efficient and cost effective.

CEI was awarded site-specific Golden Gate Partnership Recognition from the state of California, given to companies who implement and maintain effective safety and health management systems, for the excellent safety record we maintained throughout all projects at LAX.