Lodi Energy Center
A utility construction project by Cupertino Electric at the Lodi Energy Center in Lodi, California.
Lodi, CA
Project Size:
296 MW

Project Summary

Over the course of 25 months, Cupertino Electric (CEI) helped construct the Lodi Energy Center (LEC), which was a 1x1 combined-cycle, nominal 296-megawatt (MW) Siemens “Flex Plant 30″ power generation facility. The project involved constructing a natural gas-fired turbine-generator, a single condensing steam turbine, a seven-cell cooling tower and the associated balance-of-plant equipment. The facility was built for the Northern California Power Agency on a 4.4-acre parcel and was integrated with an existing combustion turbine facility that featured new combined generation technology—the first of its kind. The project included the installation of a 135-MVA combustion turbine generator, a heat recovery and steam generation system, a 115-MVA steam turbine generator and the associated water treatment and cooling systems. In addition, CEI was responsible for completely designing the “house” electrical system for the steam turbine and water treatment buildings.