A fast-track Design/Build commercial office tenant improvement construction project in Menlo Park, California.
Menlo Park, CA
Project Size:
500,000 sq. ft.
Project Attributes:
Award Winning

Project Summary

MPK 62/63 project was a Design/Build tenant improvement project that included two 8-story office buildings and two 7-story parking garages. Combined, both office buildings totaled 500,000 square feet. The project was so large and on such a fast schedule that it peaked at over 165 electricians working simultaneously.

During the fast-track seven-month schedule, Cupertino Electric (CEI) installed two 350-kW generator sets and automatic transfer switches (ATS), two 30-kVA uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and a one-line power distribution from the existing core-and-shell bus duct riser. CEI also installed extensive lighting throughout both office buildings and ran branch power to numerous kitchens, cubicles, intermediate distribution frame (IDF) rooms and offices. The scope of work included a turnkey fire alarm system and conduit infrastructure for audiovisual (AV), security and data. In the parking garages, CEI installed car chargers, security and data conduit infrastructure.