Project Details

Newby Island Waste Management
Cupertino Electric electrical construction project for Newby Island Waste Management in Milpitas, California
Milpitas, CA
Project Summary: 

The fast-track Newby Island Resource Recovery Park (NIRRP) tenant improvement project involved one of the world’s most advanced recycling facilities. The NIRPP Recyclery is capable of sorting the most material per hour accurately to recover an extremely high percentage of recyclables. The NIRRP project involved the renovation of two sorting facility buildings and one office in Milpitas, California. Cupertino Electric began construction of the bulk-handling facility and systems in April of 2012 to meet the July 16, 2012 operation deadline. Cup[ertino Electric's scope of work involved installing a 21 kV substation, two 2500 kVA transformers and a 4000A main switchboard, in addition to re-feeding an existing 1500A switchboard and engineering and designing fit-up lights and a fire alarm system at the site.

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