Resource Area for Teaching Solar (non-profit)
Donated 11 kW rooftop solar project for non-profit
San Jose, CA
Project Size:
11.28 kW

Project Summary

Cupertino Electric donated, fully designed, permitted and installed this 11.28 kilowatt (kW) rooftop solar system for Bay Area-based non-profit Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT) ( Built using union electricians and engineering and project management volunteers from CEI, the donated solar system is the result of a skills-based philanthropic effort where CEI leverages its industry expertise to maximize its impact with local non-profit organizations. The custom solar system for RAFT offsets seven percent (7%) of the charity's energy usage annually and is interconnected to the grid. RAFT was chosen from among several non-profit organizations to receive a d donated solar system because it owns its own building, has a roof capable of supporting the system and consumes an amount of energy during the year that is proportionally offset by the solar system.