SFO Terminal 3
San Francisco, CA

Project Summary

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)'s Terminal 3 project was a Design/Build project focusing on electrical systems, WiFi and security. Tasks included a 12 kV installation, replacement of main 16,000A electrical load center and distribution boards, installation of 400 Hz aircraft shore power and traditional power to receptacles and other powered elements.

CEI's Low Voltage team was tasked with installing a video-enhanced, analytic technology people counter and wait-time system, revising WiFi design including BLE location services, and ensuring data integration with the rest of SFO. The CEI team also managed the baggage conveyor and control systems, integrating the security system, installing metal detectors, x-ray belts and state-of-the-art AIT x-ray viewing machines for TSA. An independent security company from Israel provided the security systems, and CEI installed them.

A stipulation in the contract required that CEI maintain passenger experience, meaning temporary corridors must be constructed in order to keep construction hidden from thousands of people passing through the airport on a daily basis. Despite challenges like this, and the myriad others that come along with working on a functioning international travel hub, CEI and partner Liberty Electric worked 200,000 man hours with no injuries during 2014.

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