Southern California Edison (SCE) Solar
A utility-scale solar energy project by Cupertino Electric for Southern California Edison in Porterville, California.
Porterville, CA
Project Size:
6.7 MW
Project Attributes:

Project Summary

As part of Southern California Edison’s 250-megawatt (MW) solar initiative, Cupertino Electric (CEI) installed a 6.7-MW solar energy farm in Porterville, California in 2010. The panels were based on ground-mount, fixed-tilt structures, and, at the time of construction, the solar farm was one of North America’s largest ground-mount solar systems.

A project of this size and scope would typically take nine months to complete. CEI completed it in an unprecedented three-month period. The fast-track project schedule was achieved using experienced electricians who worked around the clock.

CEI installed more than 29,000 solar modules at the SCE site. The modules are expected to generate roughly 2.47 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity over a 25-year period. This grid-tied system has the same impact as reducing the annual greenhouse gas emissions of nearly 34,000 passenger vehicles.