Project Details

Stanford University Center for Biomedical Engineering & Studies
Cupertino Electric biotech electrical systems project for Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA
Project Size: 
250,000 sq. ft.
Project Attributes: 
Project Summary: 

When Stanford University wanted to build a biotech research center for various science-based research, it looked to Cupertino Electric's knowledge and exellence to provide innovative electrical solutions for an extremely flexible workspace. The ground-up, design/build James H. Clark Center project involved a three-story building and basement on campus. The project included laboratories to house sciences from various schools, as well as laser labs, a vivarium, auditorium, restaurant, café and clean rooms.

Project Challenges
Because the project was located in the heart of a functioning university, the project included restricted site access with minimal onsite lay-down areas, parking and staging spaces. Noise on electrical circuits for sensitive equipment was remedied by using K-rated transformers and noise transmission from one space to another through boxes or conduits using acoustic pads and seals.

In addition, the flexible nature of the lab space required the electrical and communication infrastructure to have the ability to be disconnected and reconnected at will as a component of laboratory benches on wheels. The students occupying the lab space were those from the medicine and engineering schools working in wet and computer labs.

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