Future Proofing Data Center Customers for Growth

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Doubling of business data has big implications for data center storage.[/caption]

While traveling through the San Jose International Airport this week, I saw a billboard advertisement with this message: "The volume of business data worldwide is expected to double every 1.2 years." It made me think - as we continue to move into a "connected age," data and its storage becomes an increasing concern. Moore's law, the traditional benchmark for technology growth, states that technology will essentially double every two years. While this was initially based on semiconductor circuits, it is now a baseline factor in the law of accelerating returns championed by Google's Ray Kurzweil.

While the advertisement I saw was targeted at an audience that would be considered the "end user" or consumer for the services discussed, this increased volume of data will also greatly affect the rest of us in the data center marketplace. More than ever, the need for more efficient data center facilities is becoming a critical component of every business. Whether you're trying to "go paperless" by scanning documents to the cloud, cutting travel costs by using web-connected services or simply using online banking as a convenience, everything eventually finds its way to a data center. If SanDisk's ad is correct, we can anticipate finding unique ways to help customers figure out how to address the rapid growth of data centers—especially if people like me are relying on their smart phones to write and post blogs like this one.


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As a principal with the California Data Center Design Group (CDCDG), an independent division of Cupertino Electric, Michael Cantrell has been involved in the design, implementation and certification of information transport systems for 15 years. Michael has been responsible for more than 750,000 square-feet of data center infrastructure deployment and 1,200,000 square-feet of campus and office environment backbone and structured cabling during his career.

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