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Rebuilding Together: The one-day event that delivers

Spring Rebuilding Day 2016 was a tremendous success, thanks to the many Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI) volunteers who helped repair the home of an elderly couple in East San Jose, California. Led by San Jose Vice President of Operations Rob Thome, Project Executive Earl Martin and Support Center Assistant Manager Frank Mireles, the roughly 30 Cupertino Electric volunteers from the office and field gathered on April 23, 2016 to do a lot of good in a single day.

"I feel so grateful," said homeowner and Rebuilding Together recipient Robert Oberdick. "I don't know what I've done to deserve this (work at my house)."

2016 Rebuilding Together project details

The house that CEI sponsored this year belonged to a retired couple in their 80's who had suffered some medical issues that limited their mobility and made it difficult for them to access their home safely. With a crumbling driveway and dangerous sidewalk that would be hazardous even to an able-bodied person, the elderly homeowners CEI assisted faced certain isolation due to their unsafe surroundings. 

Thankfully, more than 13 dedicated laborers from CEI framed, poured and leveled a new driveway and walkway on April 23, 2016 as part of Spring Rebuilding Day, alongside several office employees who repaired outdated lighting, patched ceilings, updated the electrical service, and painted the interior and exterior of the couple's home. Generous industry partners J.J. Albanese and Granite Rock donated material for the extensive concrete driveway project, while CEI supplied the labor to complete the project. Without dedicated employees, the kindness of industry partners and the good work of Rebuilding Together focusing on the safety needs of an aging community, the renovation project would not have been a successful one-day effort. 

About Rebuilding Together

Across Silicon Valley on April 23, 2016, numerous companies and individuals volunteered to give 22 needy homeowners and four non-profit organizations safer, warmer surroundings. To learn more about Rebuilding Together, see photos and read about their impact, visit 

"On behalf of me and the concrete crew, I just way to say: thank you for giving us the opportunity to put our skills to work and give back to the community and this family in need...we are grateful to be a part of Cupertino's Rebuilding Together group." --Frank Mireles

A special "thank you" to Frank Mireles and his skilled crew who prepped, poured and finished a new driveway valued at more than $10,000.00 during the rebuilding efffort. Without the skilled services that we are able to donate to deserving non-profit organizations like Rebuilding Together, we would not able to make such a significant impact in our own community for those who need it most. Can't wait until next year! #inpowered #thepowerofgood